Australis Top Mascaras – Review

Australis has just released some new mascaras to join their long list of Mascaras. I was lucky enough to receive a lovely gift pack to try all of them. Yes all 7 of these awesome products that are affordable, Aussie, not tested on animals and work like a charm!

So here we go, lets find out what the best mascara for you is!

Mega Multi Lash $12.95

The brush is big and really envelopes the lashes to coat them quickly and strongly. I really liked the volume this mascara provided as it made lashes thick but not too thick and no clumps. It coats the lash so they sort of are wearing little glove tubes which means getting this mascara off is really easy when you gently put water on a cloth and wipe your lashes. It is easier to get it off with water than it is with make up remover. Stops you getting panda eyes and great if you are on holiday and don’t want to pack your make up remover. (When you keep reading you’ll find most of these Australis mascaras have this great feature)

A great video by Australis about this mascara

Lash TLC $14.95

Lash TLC has a curved brush. I have never used a curved brush before so I hope I used it correctly. How do you apply mascara? I blink into the brush to coat my lashes. I tried to blink into this brush and it worked ok. I kind of enjoyed the curve of the brush because it allowed me to get to the end corners of my eyes and make sure the lashes there were coated nicely too.

This mascara contains vitamins E and B5 to protect and moisturise lashes. It prevents lash breakage and is enriched with silk powder which is a protein that contains 18 kinds of amino acids. Great for those with damaged lashes from over curling.

Lash Length Extension Mascara $11.95

This mascara has a brush with short spikey bristles that really grab your lashes and separate them making them beautifully long and independant. No clumps here! This is a good mascara for girls who already have very long lashes and just want to make them stand out without being too over powering in my opinion. In the photo of my eye, this was after wearing the mascara for a full day at work. Lashes still look brilliant and still have quite a nice curl to them even after a stressful day! Love it!

This mascara also coats the lashes with little tubes which make it easy to get off with just water so you won’t get panda eyes.

Killer Curves $12.95

Holy smokes I love this mascara! It coats lashes beautifully. Separates them and thickens them in all the right places for seriously sexy curvy lashes. The silicon brush lifts and separates lashes so easily. Lovely for occasions such as shopping, the office, disco or cleaning the bathroom… heck! You can wear this and look sexy any time! This is going to be my new every day mascara.

This is yet another Australis mascara that is easy to remove with water in this time saving anti smudge formula.

Voluptulash $10.95

This is going to be my special going out time awesome mascara! I am in love with this! It has a strange type of brush that is slightly curved with small bristles but then the sides of the brush are flat. I guess that helps the push the formula across your lashes to coat them nice and thick and beautiful. It works! I felt like bambi with this mascara on! Beautifully thick and elongated without clumps! It’s only $10.95 too! WHATTTT!

Australis has done it again with this mascara being anti-smudgey-panda-eye with the special tube coating formula that comes off easier with water and a cloth than with eye make up remover and a cotton pad. Staying over at a “friends” house over night? This is the perfect mascara to remove with water and not leave smudges on the pillow. Batting your eyelashes in this mascara is going to get you a lot of sleep over visits i’m sure! See in the photo the little long lengthy clumps the mascara turns into so its easy to remove like little gloves or tubes. Handy!

Chantelle, Australis’ make up artist talks more about Voluptulash and how to use it in this video.

Mega Lash $11.95

This is your general type mascara. It has a traditional brush and a fast drying type of thickening formula but this little bottle is actually electric blue. It kind of scared me. When I put it on my lashes I could hardly tell that it was blue because my lashes are quite dark.

Extender Lash & Brow $10.95

This awesome gel is great to comb through crazy eyebrown like mine to get them to stay in place. You can’t even tell it’s there! You can also use it on your eyelashes to give an extra layer of extension before you apply mascara.

Phewwww! Australis has a LOT of awesome mascaras! You can get them at Big w, Kmart, Priceline, Target and selected pharmacies all for really great prices!

Just to re-cap my top two mascaras are:

-Killer Curves – Beautiful length and separation which is great for a perfect day time look.

-Voluptulash – Amazing definition, volume, shape and perfect for night time.

Check out Australis’ Facebook page, Twitter page and Website for more details, hints, tips and occasionally cool competitions!

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5 Responses to Australis Top Mascaras – Review

  1. Wow it’s so weird how I’ve never tried anything by Australis in my whole life! I was afraid that it wouldn’t be great quality… You’ve definitely sold me though!

  2. emmabovary says:

    Killer Curves sounds nice, I love mascaras that really separate the lashes while still giving volume. Australis must be working their butts off, they are getting more and more amazing by the second!

  3. Katherine Gallagher says:

    Hey really impressed with the way you reviewed these mascaras and included photos. Exactly what I was looking for. I’ve used killer curves for ages and felt like a change, but from within the Australis range because I know there is no animal testing. Going to give Voluptulash a try. Thanks 🙂

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