Australis Autumn Nail Collection Love – Review

Australis have some beautiful new nail polish shades that have just been released into stores for the Autumn/Winter season. I was lucky enough to be sent the new range to trial and let me tell you, they are full of bang for your buck!

Here they all are. Pretty pretty pretty! The greatest thing about these polishes is that they are:

  • streak free
  • go on smooth
  • chip resistant
  • shiny
  • intensely colour

Blue – Sky’s the limit. 2 coats is the charm with this stunning colour

Silver sparkle – Foil Spoil. Holy smokes! If you love silver nail polish this is the holy grail! There are so many sparkles in here and it paints on like a dream! It doesn’t seem to chip either. The only thing that is kind of annoying is that when you take it off with nail polish remover its really hard to get all of the sparkles off your nails. That’s normal though. Seriously though, this is a top notch silver shade!

Purple – Manic Panic. Since I was sent so many shades and I only have a few hands, I asked my housemates and friends to try a few shades with me. One housemate was lying on the couch relaxing after a long day so I painted her nails for her as she lay there….. I didn’t do a very good job but as you can see Manic Panic is a very pretty colour.

Grey/Mushroom – Kick The Bucket. My friend at work loves to talk nail polish with me so I took Kick the Bucket to work for her to try. We got some funny looks at our desk as she tried it on. She love love loved this shade and told me that it painted on so smoothly and was not gluggy. She loved the colour and the coverage that it gave to her nails as well as the fact that it dried fairly quickly. One coat was nice and then she put on 2 coats and it turned into a darker grey which is still pretty. She gave it a 9.5 out of 10 and said she would hands down buy this shade again. This shade goes with every outfit too and is very modern.

Orange – Jellybean. This is one of my favourite shades! It is a bright orange that looks great in the warm weather. I find that this colour makes your hands and feet look more tanned… I don’t know why but it’s some kind of great optical illusion.

Dark Green – Mates Rates. There are tiny little metalic sparkles in this dark green colour. The sparkles have gold tones which are very pretty. I wore this colour with an olive green top and black skirt. 2 coats is the charm with this.

Purple/Mushroom- Rabid Revenge. My other housemate tried this colour on her toe nails. I really like this colour and I’m sorry but this photo doesn’t really do the colour justice. It is a dusky purpley mushroomy colour which is prefect for winter and will go with almost any outfit. It has a slight purpley metalic sparkle to it too but it is not overpowering.

Pastel pink – Sinfully Sweet. I painted my toes with the cutest shade of the lot Sinfully Sweet. I have tried different (more expensive brands) of this shade before but they have been very gluggy. This Australis shade is ggggrrrrreat! It is not gluggy and two coats of it won’t streak or clump. I love you Australis!

And there you have it. Each of these nail polishes are RRP $7.95 and available at Priceline and other retailers.

Australis also have 18 other shades of nail colours that these shades are joining so if you are looking for any colour of nail polish, head straight to Australis because if you are like me, you will be pleasantly surprised just how good these polishes are for the price. Bright, streak free, chip resistant, on-trend and shiny! Go get em tigers!

In other news, Heritage Brands (who look after Australis, Innoxa, Revlon, Le Tan, Evoke, Fingrs, Mode, Cedel and Nailene) have opened a factory outlet in Melbourne! Prices starting at 50c WOW!!! See you there beauties!

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