The best thermal hair protectant spray – Goldwell Sleek Perfection Straight Style Sign

I am convinced that this little silver bottle is the greatest thermal hair protectant spray!

Let me tell you a little about my crazy hair. My hair is fuzzy like an afro on top after I wash it. The bottom half of my hair is kind of like normal hair and is not fuzzy and stupid. When I wash my hair I look like some crazy out of a 70’s music video. I wish I lived in the 70’s because all I’d need to do to look good is roll out of bed and do nothing else.

I probably should have taken a before photo… but it’s too embarrassing.

Anyway, I have tried a few thermal protectant sprays wishing that they would make my hair smooth, manageable, silky and protect it from the heat of my straightener.

The last spray I had was a really cheapy and did absolutely nothing at all to help make my hair smooth or straight.

I was given this lovely little bottle of Goldwell Sleek Perfection Straight Style Sign Thermal Spray Serum at the ABBW and once I gave it a go I knew it was love at first spray! The funny thing about this spray is that it’s a thin mist….. it’s not watery it’s more of a strange gas. You can’t feel any moisture on your hair at all after spraying it. That’s where it can trick you into thinking you need a lot. You don’t. One spray on each layer and on each side of your head is more than enough. (I straighten my hair in horizontal layer partitions because it is so thick). Just one spray and then a brush through the hair, then a few strokes of your straightening iron and BINGO! Beautiful straight sleek hair. MMMMMM! 🙂

If you see a bit of smoke come from your straightening iron or blow dryer when using this don’t panic, it’s just some of the product evaporating. It’s good smoke 🙂

That is a really ugly photo and not the best shot of my hair…. but I hope you get the idea of how beautifully smooth and shiny it is.

This Goldwell spray is only available at your hairdresser as it is a salon exclusive product. I highly recommend paying your hairdresser a visit to pick a bottle of this up. Then I want you to write to me and tell me how shiny, smooth and beautifully straight your hair is! YOU’RE WELCOME! 🙂

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One Response to The best thermal hair protectant spray – Goldwell Sleek Perfection Straight Style Sign

  1. I’m loving this product as well, works so good and I love the scent!

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