My little box of love – I love this box – Review

I recently received this delightful box from filled with samples (very very generously sized samples too might add) to enjoy and boy am I enjoying it!

In a beautiful purple box sits a very nice little box with pearly sparkly graphics that look like they are made with eyeshadow. Very pretty printing indeed. Within that box is a bunch of goodies. This is the November 2011 box of goodies and each month’s box will contain different products.

Each month I Love This Box creates a box filled with carefully selected beauty products and the latest beauty trends that they post to you. They have created a cute video to explain it to you so I’ll let that do the talking:

I really like the idea of getting little surprise beauty products delivered each month and it is so affordable too for just $14.95!!!! These products are worth so so so much more than that. Just look at the giant bottles of Keratinology shampoo and conditioner and the Esse nailpolish and the Nvey Eco eyeshadow, $10 off Magnolia silver jewellery and the Pod Liquid tan and the Caudalie Paris facial care products!! Well yes that is everything in the whole box…. and it’s such great value! I’m so impressed!

The really great thing about I Love This Box is that you can earn points from giving reviews on the products in the box and telling your friends about it. These points can be used towards buying more I Love This Box boxes. WINNING!!!! You are going to want to tell your friends about this too!

Since Christmas is around the corner why not consider buying a few of these for your friends! Saves you going to the shops to find things and wrapping them up etc, this will be delivered right to your friends door. Everyone loves surprises especially when they are beauty products 🙂 You can buy a yearly subscription or a monthly subscription or simply just send it as a gift.

Inside the box also comes a little card to tell you more about each product and their RRP. You can also watch videos and read more about them at the blog they have created on

Do you like the idea of receiving a little surprise box of beauty products each month (or when you feel like it)?

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One Response to My little box of love – I love this box – Review

  1. Em (@emrung) says:

    I’m really looking forward to opening December’s box =D

    re Padini – they don’t ship to oz, unfort. I can’t fault their quality, each button is sewed on tightly, they use 2-ply yarn and easy ironing material (read from label). It’s a local brand in Malaysia =)

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