Orly nail polish – Santa Fe Rose

I am a huge fan of dusky pink nail polishes. I think they are so lady like, natural and pretty much go with every single outfit.

I decided to buy Santa Fe Rose from the Orly website after seeing the swatch on there. I have been using a similar colour by Revlon for a few years but it was time to move on to something better.

This colour has very subtle sparkles that you need to look very closely on the nail to see but they provide a dynamic glimmer. SpArKleY!

with flash

without flash

It paints on beautifully and lasts on my nails for about a week before it needs to be re-done which I consider to be an amazing feat! Usually nail polish starts chipping in two days on me so the quality of this Orly polish really speaks for itself.

Retails at $18.95 on the Orly Australia website.

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One Response to Orly nail polish – Santa Fe Rose

  1. That is a really pretty pink colour. I’m a sucker for pinks 🙂

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