David Lawrence, lots of love!


I love David Lawrence clothing. That is the best way I can think of to start off this post. I have a few different items from the store and I love them all very very much! Their items are affordable (especially if you wait for sales).

There are stand alone stores right across Australia and NZ and you can also visit their stores within Myer (YAY MYER ONE CARD) and David Jones so it’s easy to find one near you. They have a loyalty card that is worth signing up to for the great emails with sales and VIP night events they occasionally hold.

Sometimes I go into the store and find some products a little older person aimed, but most of the time there are timeless, well made products that a 25 year old like myself would definitely wear to work and on weekends.

My David Lawrence collection:

Belts – I have two David Lawrence belts and they are such good quality and beautiful

Pants – bought these super nice amazingly well fitting bright orange pants from the store on the weekend. Pants generally don’t fit me very well in the butt area but these are like a glove! I am going to be the brightest person in the office when I wear these babies!

Bag – I bought this lovely tan bag a couple of years ago and it has plenty of pocket space, beautiful leather and the handle is the perfect length. I hate bags where the strap wont fit over your big thick winter coat shoulders.

Cardigan – Another recent weekend purchase. This cardigan can be worn 3 different ways (I figure) and fits beautifully. It goes with everything and I love it to bits.

Suit Jacket – Lovely fit (although its a little hard to do the button up but I dont need to). I wear it to work in a suit like way, and on weekends I roll up the sleeves to reveal casual striped lining that looks great with jeans and a tshirt.

Shirt – A nice clean crisp white shirt

Intrigued about the history of this brand that I love so much I found my way to their website to discover that they started in Melbourne in 1978 and aim to be the premium retailer to the working woman. Alright David Lawrence! Dress me away!

Check out the David Lawrence website and their Facebook page to see the full range of beautiful garments they make. You may want to hide your credit card if you are an impulse buyer it’s all so stylish. I love their dresses too…. heck I want it all!

Do you own anything from David Lawrence? What is your favourite work wear store?

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