My Inglot Freedom Pallet – Green, mauve, light gold, brown gold, base – How to

I purchased my very first Inglot Freedom eyeshadow pallet at IMATS a few weeks ago. So many bloggers were telling me that Inglot have amazing eyeshadows and they were having a special at IMATS so I thought I’d invest and give it a shot as it’s hard for me to ever find a pallet of shades off the shelf that I like.

You can do all types of freedom pallets because after all they are for freedom! You can put lip glosses, blushes, eyeshadows whatever you like. Inglot has a HUGE range to choose from and you can do as many as you want from a 4 spacer to much much larger. When you use up the eye shadows you can go back into Inglot and buy any new colours you want and pop it right back into the freedom box. They are all held in there with super strong magnets and the lid is frosted with magnets to hold it on.

I put this little baby together:

Green – AMC 57

Mauve – AMC Shine 12

Light Gold – AMC Shine 07

Brown Gold – AMC shine 21

Base – Matte 328

(Do you know how hard it is to get those magnetic eyeshadows out of the freedom pallet? GEES! I put dents in the eyeshadows as I tried to fish them out with a nail file and the magnetic lid to find out the colour numbers)

When I was in the line putting it together the lady next to me asked me if I was honestly really going to use that green. She was being super greedy with all the colours so I’m not sure if she wanted to nick it from me for her own pallet or if she thought it would look like crap on me…. I told her I have green eyes so this should look good with them.

So today I decided to have a play and see just how on earth I was going to use that green.

I started off stuffing about on my hand.

Then I went for my life on my eyes using a thin angled eye shadow brush for the green as a liner and a plump eyeshadow brush for the rest.

Almay all over eyeshadow brush, Australis angled brush

Here’s how it looks and how I did it:

without flash

with flash

1. Brush the base powder all over the eye.

2. Brush the mauve shade all over the eyelid and probably a little higher than I drew in the picture above.

3. Brush the brown gold in the outer corner of the eye and in the crease a little.

4. Brush the light gold at the top of the eye and in the corner

5. GREEN MAGICAL GREEN! Use the angled brush to do a thin swipe right above the lashes and in the bottom lashes too if you wish. I also blended the green upward into the mauve shade so it looked more subtle.

And there you have it. Stick that in your face lady in the Inglot line! I used the green and it looks fab with my green eyes! ;P

Do you have an Inglot Freedom System pallet? Do you love it?

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3 Responses to My Inglot Freedom Pallet – Green, mauve, light gold, brown gold, base – How to

  1. Julia says:

    I need that green in my life! Definitely on next year’s IMATS list 🙂

  2. I love 57AMC! It’s also great as a crease colour. 🙂

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