Trishave for happy shaving times – Review

At the ABBW I was fortunate to meet Larisa from Trishave who gave us all a great introduction to her range of products. These products are wonderful for people with european/ middle eastern skin and hair which is course and can become ingrown.

I’m happy to have found the Trishave products. Since I have very pale, sensitive skin and Italian heritage, sometimes my legs get very sore from shaving so often.


I have been using Trishave for a few weeks now and thankfully my legs dont get sore after I shave. I shave using the pink Trishave Shave Creme and then after I dry off I rub my legs with the purple Trishave UV Body defence SPF 30+ Post Shaving Moisturising Lotion.

The Shaving Creme is a pearly like cream that you need to rub between your hands and then massage onto your legs. The massaging also helps to prevent ingrown hairs as it pushes the hair up to release skin softening oils beneath the skin. It contains tea tree oil and rose hip to prevent shaving rash and acts as an anti bacterial agent.

On the left is the shaving cream on the right the moisturising lotion

I think it is the post shaving lotion that really is a gem! If you have ever shaved your legs and then put normal body lotion on your legs you’ll know the pain that normally results in. Well, not anymore with the Trishave moisturising lotion! It really calms my skin plus provides moisture which my legs definitely need. On top of that it has a lovely consistency, contains vitamins A & E, Shea butter, evening primrose oil and protects skin from sun damage WINNING!

There are also Men’s versions of the products (which obviously I haven’t tried as I’m not a man but I will give them to my friend to try who has sensitive skin and maybe get a blog post from him. 🙂

Trishave for men

You can purchase the Trishave products from Coles and Priceline for the VERY VERY reasonable prices of around $15 for the moisturising lotion and $7 for the shaving creme. I honestly love these products and will continue to use them from here on in and I recommend that you try them for smooth legs this summer!

Do you suffer from sensitive skin after shaving?

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One Response to Trishave for happy shaving times – Review

  1. I just used my Tri-Shave stuff for the first time today and can’t get over how smooth my legs are! So good 🙂

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