Taut Gold Standard Collagen Mask and Drink

I recently received the Taut Gold Standard Collagen Mask and drink to try at ABBW. According to my old friend Wikipedia: Collagen is the main component of connective tissue, and is the most abundant protein in mammals, making up about 25% to 35% of the whole-body protein content.

I followed the instructions and put the mask on my face and left it on for 10 minutes then tapped my face gently to complete the absorption of the collagen enriched essence. (I don’t know how tapping your face does that… but I followed the instructions). When I took it off my face felt plump and soft and I rubbed the remaining liquid on my face. I have sensitive skin and it didn’t irritate it which is promising. I used it at night but in the morning my face felt normal again.

The mask still had a lot of moisture in it so I put it back in its bag with a rubber band around it tightly so I could use it one more time. BONUS!

Check out how scary I looked with the mask on. I was hoping my housemate wouldn’t come home and scream when she saw me sitting on the couch. I had to pull a silly face in the mask just to look slightly less scary. Ha ha.

The mask is designed to do three things; hydrate, tone and brighten. It does these three things with a blend of hydrolysed collagen, Squalene, Hyaluronic Acid and antioxidants which penetrate the skin. It also is designed to remove small wrinkles and lighten stubborn skin discolouration and dull skin.

The next day I drank the collagen drink which tasted like oranges mixed with fish (it does contain shellfish so don’t drink this if you are allergic). I didn’t notice any difference from the drink but I suppose you should drink it for a few weeks to see a difference. I must admit I wouldn’t want to drink it again due to the taste.

The face mask is around about $45 for 5 masks (which you could actually get 2 uses out of each mask if you put them back in their bag and kept it airtight). The drink is $86 for 8 drinks.

You can learn more about Taut and their products at their Facebook page here.

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One Response to Taut Gold Standard Collagen Mask and Drink

  1. I’ve just been trying these out and was not sure if they could be re-used, I’ve just been throwing them away after one use but I’ll try your trick of sealing them back in the plastic!

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