The ABBW Maxted Thomas Gala Event

Two weeks on from the Australian Beauty Bloggers weekend and I am still getting over the excitement and wealth of information I gathered. It was such a great weekend made all the better by the wonderful brands that came to meet us beauty bloggers and share their stories, and their products with us.

On the Saturday night PR company Maxted Thomas put on one of the most amazing events I have ever been to. The event was held at The Establishment Sydney and I was floored to see the attention to detail they went to. Nothing was missed! 

We all got dressed up in our fancy dresses and best make up to attend and drink copius amounts of wine…. that didn’t stop being poured. Luckily I pulled together and told the waiter to stop pouring after one glass.

Ian Maxted from Maxted Thomas gave a short but sweet speech that was so encouraging to everyone in the room. It’s so nice to know that PR companies are receptive of bloggers and understand the effort we go to in our blogs.

Many of the companies they represent were their with their own exclusive areas set up to best showcase their products. We all floated around the venue visiting each companies area and drooling at their products.

Orly Nails were giving free manicures which can be read about on my blog HERE.

Nivea spoke to us about sunscreen and skin care and showed us just how much sunscreen you should use when you go in the sun. It staggered me and I will definitely not skimp next time I go to the beach. Slap me up scotty with some sunscreen! They also had a cool photo booth which Juliana from Sunglasses After Dark and I hit up. Love the photo

Coty let us smell some beautiful purfumes. (My favourite was Marc Jacobs Lola)

Burt’s Bees showed us a huge range of their beautiful natural products. I was so excited to see them there as I use their lip balm, body butter and scrubs. One of my favourite brands for sure!

Remington showed us some new curling irons and kindly gifted every blogger a curling wand.

Sebastian Professional were doing hair styles for the night with their products.

Phew. Im exhausted just thinking about how amazing it all was.

The second part of the night involved some delicious food. I can’t even explain to you in words how super great the dinner was. It was better than any wedding I have ever attended. If I was getting married I would totally hire Maxted Thomas to organise my reception dinner because heck, this was absolutely stunning! There were three courses, each a little slice of heaven in presentation and in taste. Oh gosh… salivating right now.

Have you got the gist yet? I was super dooper impressed by the event and the companies that so generously attended and spent their time to explain their products to us.

I am a marketing manager in my “real life” so this event was particularly interesting to me from a professional point of view. Of course I was dizzy enough from the products surrounding me but the marketing side of it all spun me round like a record baby right round round round… indeed.

This just event goes to show how bloggers are a big part of a modern marketing (and PR) managers radar…. but that’s a whole other blog post on my marketing blog that I’ll get around to writing one of these days after I have stopped spending my free time trying my new hair curler, sunscreen, and so on. I smell so good!

A gigantic thank you to Ian and the team from Maxted Thomas for putting together this extraordinary event and bringing your brands along with you!

What are your favourite products from the brands listed above? (Nivea, Orly, Remington, Sebastian Professional, Burt’s Bees, Coty).

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