Orly Gel FX Nail Manicure – Review

I was fortunate enough to receive an Orly Gel FX manicure at the Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend 2 weeks ago. I was really interested to see how this new type of manicure worked and I picked the prettiest colour which is Monroes Red.

This colour has teeny little subtle sparkles in it. There are 32 Gel FX colours to choose from so there is going to be a colour that you like in the range for sure!

My Orly Gel FX manicure in Monroes Red. (taken with my iphone so colours are a bit weird in this photo)

The Gel FX manicure system is power packed with vitamin infusion which nourishes nails for durability, strength and shine. It also contains antioxidant vitamins E, A and B5 which protects the structure of the nails.

To begin with my nails were buffed and then painted with

1. Gel FX primer to tips,

2. Gel FX basecoat,

3. The Gel FX lacquer colour

4. A think even layer of top coat to seal the edges and cure

5. Following that the beautiful Orly cuticle oil was applied.

After each coat I had to put my nails under a UV light to dry the special formula. Without the UV light the coats would not dry and would stay gluggy but as far as I could tell, nothing really set properly until the top coat was applied. (I know this because I accidentally scratched my chin with my thumb and took a little chunk out of my colour).

My nails came out AMAZINGLY shiny and smooth. I looked at them all day long because they were so beautiful! I got so many comments on how nice they looked.

After two weeks my nails had grown so I had a gap at the bottom from where the gel nail was. The tips also started to chip slightly so it was time to remove the gel nail with the removal kit I was generously provided.

I used a file to scratch the top coat of nail polish to break the gel seal. I then put some remover solution on the pad in the foil and wrapped my fingers up for 10 minutes. When I removed the foil I used a scraper to scratch the layer off to reveal my normal nail below. It was pretty easy really.

One thing that surprised me was that my nails looked a bit hacked up. Perhaps this was because I maybe didn’t remove the gel coat gently enough or maybe they were over buffed before the gel nail was painted on.

Anyway, I really really liked the look of the gel nail for the 2 weeks I had them on and I would highly recommend the Orly Gel FX nail system if you have a special event or holiday to go on. You will have beautifully shiny strong nails and won’t need to worry about chips and painting them while you are away. The Gel FX  manicure lasts about for 2-3 weeks depending on how fast your nails grow.

To find an salon that can give you a Gel FX manicure please visit the Orly website. While you’re there have fun ogling the beautiful range of high quality colours they have. A girls gotta love pretty nails! 🙂

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9 Responses to Orly Gel FX Nail Manicure – Review

  1. Yummo colour- but I read another review about the nails being abit rough after , not sure my nails are ready- beenm detoxing them the past 2 years after a few years of gels!

    • belindabel says:

      The gel fx process is ment to enhance and strengthen nails so I don’t know why mine got a bit rough but let’s assume it’s because I buffed too hard when I was trying to break the gel seal when I was removing the process. They were beautiful and smooth with the gel on. 🙂

  2. jade says:

    I am a nail technician and my customer really love the color, ai just get all of those on http://www.labeautyzone.com/Fx-Gel-Polish_c_156.html for a good deal

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  4. suzanna says:

    had my first experience of manicure ever with gel fx terracotta (love the colour) to go on holiday – couldnt stop fiddling and looking at glossy colour – loved it – but half way into the holiday the colour ffaded considerably – my daughters friend had also had hers done in a paler colour and the same thing happened. However with the chlorine, sun, suncream and sand ordinary polish would have chipped peeled etc much quickere

    had redone when came home – left hand fared great 3 weeks today – thumb fore and middle finger right hand casulty

    bit concerned re the roughness now esp having read – but do love the finish

  5. Jo says:

    I’m not having much luck at all using the Orlay Gel. I have tried my third attempt
    but they look horrible. I sure they may look better after i get the hang of it. But
    i’m stuck having a heck of a time removing the coloured gel from my nails. HELP……
    its got to be easier then this & less painful my nails are so think from past salon visit.

    • belinda says:

      Hi Jo are you using their new gel at home products? I’m not sure how to help sorry but it would be worth contacting Orly directly and I’m sure they would love to help

  6. Goddesslily says:

    Thanks for your review! For some reason I have better luck using my electric nail file to remove all my gel polishes, I even use it on the soakoff ones. I don’t remove the builder gel, I just file it down and apply more builder gel. I haven’t seen my natural nails in almost a year!

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