Let’s say it’s Moroccan… that will help sell argan oil

I’m sure by now you have all tried, or at least heard of the “miracle” hair care product known as Moroccan Oil. It is great for giving life to dry hair and making it smooth and silky…. but it is expensive.

There are a few products around that claim to be as good as Moroccan oil and they are made with Argan oil (which apparently is what the branded “Moroccan oil” is made from). Now, I’m new to these products in the way of using them, but I have been reading about them and considering them for some time now.

Recently I have noticed a big jump in the sale and marketing of argan oil based products. These argan oil products are all mentioning that they are from “Morocco” to create a link between them and they hype of the actual “Moroccan Oil”. Since I am a marketer by profession this interests me.  Let’s have a look shall we….

The original cult favourite Moroccan Oil

An ad in a magazine for "Organix shampoo moroccan argan oil"

The Lee Stafford "Argan oil from Morocco"

That’s nothing new in the world of marketing. Everyone tries to ride on the coat tales of their competitors success.

So, back to the beauty side of things. I purchased the Lee Stafford Argan Oil “From Morocco” because I have dry and frizzy hair. A few months ago my hairdresser recommended that I use Moroccan Oil (probably because he was trying to make some more money out of me). Since then I have considered buying some and the Lee Stafford version was on sale at Priceline so I got it. $15 is a much nicer price than $60 I figured.

I’ve tried it a couple of times now and I need around 4 pumps for my hair. I’m not convinced this is the right product for my hair. I haven’t tried to straighten my hair yet, I have just left it curly and crazy. I think it would make a big difference if I straighten it as the product will have a chance to shine.

Have you tried the real Moroccan oil as well as any other argon oil based products? Can you tell the difference?

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9 Responses to Let’s say it’s Moroccan… that will help sell argan oil

  1. Juliana says:

    Hi hun,
    I reviewed Lee Stafford Arganoil just couple of days ago, it’s been great for my hair (not much for the shine, but making my hair really smooth and frizz-free). For what you said, maybe you are applying too much? they say on Lee’s site, to apply 2 drops at the most on wet hair, or it will be too much – make sure you’re using it on wet/towel-dried hair, and then, give your hair a quick blow-dry . I’ve tried the Moroccanoil before and it was just the same result as Arganoil 🙂
    hope that helps you make the most of your product xxx

  2. I’ve got the real Moroccan Oil which is fabulous, I use it ever single day since I first got it in January and the bottle is still 3/4 full so the price is actually worth it. In fact if you get the 25ml size which they sell for around $25, that should last you 6 months easily. I’ve also tried Agadir Argan oil but hate it… it leaves my hair feeling extremely dry in the ends which is weird considering it’s meant to be an oil. So yeah, I’m sticking to my Moroccan oil 🙂

    • belindabel says:

      Does it make your hair feel silky and nice? Do you find that it aborbs into your hair straight away or takes a couple of days? I have found that with previous moisturisers I have used, it takes a day for it to absorb into my crazy hair

      • For me the effect is instant, i usually apply it straight after washing on damp hair and it makes it feel soft and silky until next wash. I have done a post on it before, I won’t link-bomb you, if you want to see it just use the search function on my blog. The key is to use a very tiny amount, anything more than a 5cent piece and you’re heading into oily hair territory.

  3. I’ve got the actual Moroccan Oil and don’t really get the hype to be honest, it makes my hair smell pretty and feel smoother but I’ve never been able to work out how much is the right amount for my hair, there’s a fine line between going overboard with it or not using enough. I’m still on the fence about it I guess I’m trying to say!

  4. Jen W says:

    I haven’t tried Morocannoil, but am currently trying the Organix one. It doesn’t do much for my hair, but I guess I’ve only used it twice.

    Btw, all Argan oil is from Morocco 🙂 the Argan tree is endemic to a small part of Morroco.

  5. Lyn says:

    I have only just bought this but I”m noticing a difference already,it is a lot softer and more manageable.It is”t frizzy anymore either.

  6. Bachir says:


    I have just read your post and you are right about the product of Argan oil that everybody claims it is from Morocco; however, it is not. The first product that you displayed “Moroccan oil” has nothing to do with real Argan oil as it has so many ingredients added to it including water. Real Argan oil has only one ingredient which 100% pure Argan oil with no additives. Above all, real Argan oil has a gold color and most competitors nowadays package their Argan oil in a dark amber bottles that way customers won’t be able to see the actual color of their product. Please try to have a look at our website and please I am not trying to make you buy our product.

    Best Regards,

    • Judy Kennedy says:

      I agree, Bachir. I bought pure argan oil on the western coast of Morocco, near Agadir. It is a gold colour and has a very basic ‘nutty’ smell. When people describe their ‘pure’ argan oil as having a pretty scent, you can bet it has additives.

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