Rexona Clinical Protection Deodorant – Review

I know how hard it is to find the right deodorant. It’s not really a topic you discuss with your friends or at online forums, but it is something that is critical for day to day life. I have tried various deodorants for years looking for the right one. Some leave stains on my clothes (many of my nice clothes have been ruined from this) and some do not stop me sweating (even though they say they are anti-perspirant).

I guess I sweat more than the normal woman. Sometimes when I’m cold I even sweat. GROSS.. and an over share maybe.

Why is finding the right deodorant so hard? I’ve got to say I was pretty excited to be given the opportunity to review Rexona Women Clinical Protection anti-perspirant deodorant.

What is the best deodorant? This is the best deodorant on the planet! Sing hallelujah praise be Rexona!

I have been trialling the Clinical Protection for a week now and I am super impressed! I wish I had have bought this earlier rather than going through the range of cheaper products on the shelf.

I have not had to worry about sweat patches on my clothes and it doesn’t leave any stains on my clothes either. I trusted it so much that I wore my brand new white shirt with it and guess what! At the end of the day the shirt did not smell. Not even one tiny bit!

That is one thing I’m super impressed with, I don’t have to wash my shirts every time I wear them now as they are in perfect condition. Of course I still will wash them, but that is a huge plus! Also when you apply it to freshly shaved skin it doesn’t sting and it has a soft scent.

How it works:

The deodorant sits beneath a plastic shield with holes in it that lets bits of the deodorant stick through. You wind the dial on the bottom of the deodorant until it clicks. One click will bring the deodorant to the surface and give you the perfect amount for each armpit. I use one click per under arm but the instructions recommend 2 clicks per under arm.

One day I decided to see if one click would work for both armpits… it didn’t. I sweated. So the lesson is one click per armpit is perfect.

Rexona Clinical Protection Deodorant retails in supermarkets and Priceline for approximately $15.50. It is definitely worth the price in my opinion.

So there you have it. This is my new best friend and if you experience sweating, you’ll adore this little beauty too.

Have you been looking for the perfect deodorant for a long time?

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