Outfit of the Day – Cue shirt, Zara pants, Grey Mer shoes

So on the weekend I went Bourke st Mall in Melbourne. I intended to window shop and maybe buy one item with a Myer voucher I had. Did it turn out that way. Nooooo….

I went to Cue and wanted to buy everything in the store immediately. That’s not usually like me, I can normally find a few nice things in a store but not a wardrobe full. Goes to show that Cues current range is stunning!

What did that mean? I ended up buying a beautifully cut white shirt for $89.95. I could have bought way more but lucky I can restrain myself. The shirt has a bow that sits low and the neck line is very flattering. It has puffy sleeves which sit a bit higher than I realised and caused a man at work to comment how pointy my shoulders were.

I then trooped off to Zara where the security guard informed me that I was not allowed to enter with my cup of coffee. Ummm WHAT? This is Melbourne! The whole city practically runs on coffee. So lucky I went off and came back to find a table filled with lovely pants for $59.95. I think the fact that they were on a table and not hanging up made me think that they were super cheap. So I tried a pair on and they fit like a glove so I had to have them. They came with a great belt too so it worked out well! Lovely navy (also available in other colour such as beige), ankle grazers with a cuff and cute pleats near the pockets. Amazing fit!

Team both of those with my beautiful new beige peep toe Grey Mer shoes that I bought a few weeks ago at an op-shop for $30…. (they are probably worth $600). Love myself a bargain of quality!

What do you think of my outfit?

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One Response to Outfit of the Day – Cue shirt, Zara pants, Grey Mer shoes

  1. Peta says:

    Love it! You look great with your hair up like that too.

    Though not digging the no beverages in the store rule. 😐 Guess it makes sense but I think I was there with a coke the other week. Eep!

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