Burberry Brit Sheer Perfume – My favourite

About two years ago I suddenly became interested in perfume when my friend and I went for a trip around the perfume section of Myers and her knowledge of the different types astounded me. I came across Burberry Brit Sheer and fell in love with it. Luckily my friend and her sister were kind enough to buy it for me for Christmas and I have used it ever since.

I always get compliments about how nice I smell which is great news for obvious reasons. There’s nothing worse than being near someone who is wearing perfume that doesn’t suit them.

Here is what Perfume Connection has to say about the scent:

A younger version of the original Burberry Brit. Playful and vibrant, the fragrance embodies the youthful spirit of Burberry Brit. With a fresh and natural ‘joie de vivre’, the Brit Sheer girl has a passion for adventure and romance.Burberry Brit Sheer is a fresh, fruity floral fragrance. The sparkling top notes of bright yuzu and mandarin are uplifted by pineapple leaves, luscious lychee and grapes. The body reveals an airy and floral mix of peony, peach blossom, sweet pea with just a hint of nashi. The fragrance dries to a luminous veil of white musk and creamy amyris wood.

Yes all fancy sounding perfume words… all I can tell you is that it smells fresh and pretty and thats what a ladies perfume should be. My guy friends always compliment me on smelling nice too…. and ladies we all know how hard it is to get a compliment from a guy!

Have you ever tried Burberry Brit Sheer?

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