The Best American Fashion Stores

A few years ago I lived in America for a year while I was studying at University. I lived in middle America where most people get around in university branded sweaters, boy cut tshirts, jeans and sneakers… not fashionable. However thanks to the TLC tv station I managed to stay a little fashion sane by watching What Not To Wear and Ten Years Younger. I learnt some valuable life lessons from those shows. I took those and applied them to looking for clothes and garments that Stacy London and my favourite eyebrow stylist, Damone Roberts would approve of.

The American dollar is so low right now, it is the best time to buy things from America. Clothing is so cheap over there in the first place, so its super cheap now so BUY BUY BUY!

Here is a list of my favourite accessible fashion stores in America:

Forever 21 maxi dress US$16.50 CHEAP!

Forever 21
MY FAVOURITE STORE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! This store is massive! It has the biggest range of fashion ever and it is dirt cheap! You can afford to have a brand new wardrobe of clothes every year with this store! Years later I still have a few key pieces of clothing from this chain because it is so good. I cannot explain in words how amazing this store is!

Banana Republic
I suppose this is like the Country Road of America. Really nice work/professional clothing.

Target? Target? Is she serious? YES I AM SERIOUS! American Target is super great! The quality of clothing is amazing and the fashions are up to the minute with help from the seasonal influence of international designer ranges. Mossimo is actually a Target brand in America so that just tells you how high the quality is. And of course the prices are very very reasonable. I still have some Paul and Joe garments that were part of the International Designer range when I was in the states. They are among my favourite and most versatile garments.

A super cute dress from Delias on sale for US$34.50

This is sort of a tween store for high school girls I suppose. I liked it. They have some really nice winter coats, dresses and their pants fit like a glove!

Charlotte Russe
I bought an entire outfit from this store for under $15 once. I bought a lovely black pencil skirt (which I still wear) for $7 and a yellow and white polka dot cute shirt. They also sell shoes.

American Eagle
JEANS! That is all you need to know about this store. AMAZING JEANS! They fit like a glove and are cheap! I have 2 other Aussie friends who swear by these jeans.

Urban Outfitters style

Urban Outfitters
LOVE this store! Heaps of variety and really quirky. They also have homewares and nicky nackies. They are fairly high priced but you can find some reasonably priced items and sales are usually good.

Saks Fith Ave
A premier department store with all kinds of brands. You can get Ralph Lauren etc for reasonable prices and there are also the really high high high end brands there too.

Another department store with well known brands. Kind of like Myer

So there you have it. The best list of American fashion stores! Some of them have international shipping and others you may need to use a fashion forwarder service for such as Forward It. I have never used one personally but many people do.

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One Response to The Best American Fashion Stores

  1. Mary says:

    Forever 21 is my favorite store too! Everything is super cute and so cheap! Their jewelry is especially lovely! 🙂

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