How to Clean Make Up Brushes

Every few weeks I clean my foundation brush so bacteria doesn’t build up in there and bits of old moisturiser etc.

There are many different products on the market that you can buy to clean brushes, each with varying degrees of expense. Personally, I do the cheap option which is still highly effective. I use natural body wash.

First off I rinsed the brush and shook it around in warm water. No foundation came out of the brush at all until I added the body wash. You only need the tiniest bit.

As soon as you apply the tiny drop of body wash all of the foundation starts to move. You can squeeze the brush and see it all coming out.

Dip it in the water and lightly tap the bristles on the side of the basin whilst still submurged to get the foundation out. I wash with a half a tic tac size squirt of the body wash about 5 times and rinse before im satisfied that all of the make up is out of it. Only takes a couple of minutes.

I then leave it to dry lying on a towel and it’s good as new in a few hours.

My brush is an Eco Tools foundation brush which is made with taklon which is a cruelty free synthetic that feels smooth and soft.

I used Natural Instinct Body Wash that you can see pictured on the right. There are no nasties in there and it washes really well. We also use this to shampoo my dog and he comes up beautifully. It is an Australian product made with a variety of lovely natural ingredients that you can buy at various places such as Priceline for around $12 for the 500ml bottle.

So there you have it. Nice, simple, cheap and clean brushes are go!

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