Some beautiful ads that are inspiring me at the moment.

When I have the chance to browse through a magazine there are sometimes a few ads that capture my imagination and make me remember the product. Here are a few of them:


Natuzzi ad

This ad has been running in The Australian newspapers weekend magazine and also their Wish magazine quite a bit recently. Every time I see this Natuzzi ad it delights me. I don’t really know exactly why but I think its quite a quirky at for a furniture company. I think the colours play well together and it looks really stylish.


Kailis Pearls ad

Kailis is an Aussie company that make beautiful pearl jewellery. Their ads are always stunningly beautiful and simple. I think the models they use are refreshingly classically beautiful and have deep sparkly eyes that catch my attention I suppose. Kailis are the company that made the pearls that were given out to audience members when Oprah was in Sydney. Thanks to their beautiful ads I knew who they were before Oprah catapulted them further.

Palazzo Versace

Palazzo Versace Ad

I saw this ad in the Australian Wish magazine for the first time today. It caught my attention probably because I think it would be nice to have a holiday at the moment. The model looks stunning and I mean, hey, if I looked that good I suppose I would hang around in high heels and a swimsuit too! ha ha ha! Captures my imagination I suppose and that’s what Palazzo Versace is all about. High quality, high class indulgence.

What beautiful ads capture your attention and imagination?

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