Body Wash Wonder

I love starting my day with a beautiful hot shower and fresh scents. My favourite way to wake up is by using body wash in the shower. I truly think that body wash is an underrated and under used product in the beauty world. It gives your body a lovely subtle scent in places that perfume wont go. 😉

Natio's Cinnamon and Tangerine Body Wash

Another thing that I use body wash for is as a shaving gel. It works like a charm and is cheaper than buying shaving foam. It leaves your legs smelling great too!

My favourite body wash at the moment is Natio’s Cinnamon and Tangerine. My cousin gave it to me in a gift pack for Christmas a few years ago and it has lasted me for ages. Natio is an Australian company and this product is SLS free and features a number of natural ingredients which is very important to me. It also has a really nice tangy scent.

Mango Orange Body Wash from She Australia

One I have used in the past is Mango Body Wash by SHE which is another beautiful Australian company that makes naturally based products. This one is sulphate freeI bought it at Priceline and it was a really large bottle which also lasted me a long time.

You will find that these two mentioned products do not foam up much when used because they are free of nasty cheap foaming agents.

Most body wash on the market is filled with toxins and nasty chemicals that make it foam up. As cheap as those products are and no matter how nice they smell I steer clear of them in favour of the more natural alternatives that are available. Do you really need your body wash to foam up to know that you are getting clean?

I think it is especially important in a product such as body wash that is rubbed all over your body that there is no nasties such as sodium laurel or laureth sulphate to be absorbed into the skin.

Are you a body wash lover too?

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2 Responses to Body Wash Wonder

  1. tkj81 says:

    Thanks for this post. I am also a body wash lover. I am keen to try the Natio one now! sounds delish!

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