Make Up Bright

Have you ever seen an older lady with crazy blue eyeliner or blue mascara? What do you think of them? Personally I cry a little inside when ever I see one of these poor misguided souls.

This bright shadow looks beautiful in print but how would it translate to a night on the town?

I’m not a fan of super bright unnatural shades in makeup and hair colour but I do love bright nails. The latest trend coming up is bright make up colours and I’m steering clear.

I do like creativity but eyes are the window to the soul, don’t camouflage them with colours that distract potential admirers!

The only person I can think of that looked good with bright make up was Sophie Ellis Bextor (think murder on the dance floor with that aqua eyeshadow) but she was a performer. Of course models in fashion magazines and in funky outfits look great with bright stand out artistic makeup, but for the office, or for a night out, or real life in general I don’t like them.

Unnatural shades deplete a womans natural beauty in my opinion. The only exception is bright red lipstick on a really well dressed woman where it looks stunning. Sadly bright red lipstick does not suit me.

Image from Yeojin Bae at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week c/- @Yas_Turker. Love that bright lip, natural skin tone and eyeshadow.

So ladies my top eye shadow colours to enhance your natural beauty are:

Neutral – I suggest a colour that matches your skin tone with a delicate shimmer that you can use as a base or if you are just running to the shops casually. (I’m currently using a Prestige Skin Loving Minerals quad of this for day to day and I have a Maybelline quad with super shimmer for night time)

Prestige Skin Loving Minerals Quad that I use

Brown – Can be used to line the upper lash line and even suits some complections as an all over eye shadow.(I’m currently using a Prestige Skin Loving Minerals quad of this)

White – Great to put in the very corner of your eye near your nose to widen your eye and make it “pop”. I learnt this tip from Carmondy on What Not To Wear USA. Love her! (I’m currently using Prestige Skin Loving Minerals quad of this)

Black – Used at night time for a beautiful smokey eye (I’m currently using a Max Factor duo of this)

Silver– Particularly suits blue eyes and can be used as a good inner eye illuminator. (I’m currently using a Max Factor duo of this)

Max Factor duo in Star Studded Black that I use

Gold – As tranny as gold sounds it brightens a face. You could even use a good bronzer as an eyeshadow (I’m currently using a Maybelline Quad with this)

Mauve – For green eyes in particular this shade works wonders to bring out the green. I suggest using this sparingly and in very earthy tones of purple. Again, don’t go near super bright purples. (I’m currently using a Savvy single pot of this colour however I wouldn’t recommend that particular brand)

What do you think? What are your Must Have eyeshadow colours?

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One Response to Make Up Bright

  1. Megan says:

    Totally agree with browns and neutrals, they’re my everyday work colours. I tend not to go for golds unless they’re more of an antique gold which I love!

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