Mascara lovers. Clinique High Impact vs Covergirl Lash Blast Volume – Review –

Mascara is the one item every girl should have in their make up case. I believe it is the most important item because it enhances your eyes, which are what people are going to be gazing deeply into for the day… hopefully. A perfectly prepared eye should make your eyes look bigger and enhance your natural beauty.

Two of my favourite mascaras are Covergirl‘s popular Last Blast mascara and Clinique‘s High Impact mascara.

First of all before applying mascara I always use an eyelash curler to help to open my eyes and show off the full length of my lashes. Curling also helps to present a great framework for mascara application and once applied they keep the curl in place.

Curling my eye lashes with a She Uemura curler before applying mascara

Covergirl Lash Blast

Covergirl Lash Blash Volume

I have been a huge fan of this mascara ever since it was released. I find it to be very reasonably priced, particularly when you look out for it on sale.

Below is a photo of my eyes using one coat of Lash Blast. I like the fact that it is reasonably easy to remove the mascara with either plain water and a cloth if you’re very careful or with normal eye make up remover.

My eyes using Covergirl Lash Blast Volume mascara

The one issue I have with it is that it tends to flake at the end of the day and I find little flakes around my eye occasionally. Lash Blast gives excellent lash coverage with very limited clumps which is a very important feature. The brush has very short flexible bristles which help to prevent clumps and separate lashes beautifully.

Lash Blast's unique brush

Lash Blast comes in three types. Volume (Orange case as used here), Length (Yellow Case) and Fusion (Purple case). I have used all three but prefer Volume the best for coverage and lash thickness.

Lash Blast is generally priced at $18.50 full price but every 3 weeks or so you can usually find it on sale at Priceline, Target, Kmart or Big W.

Clinique High Impact Mascara

A few months ago I received a small but generous sample of Cliniques High Impact mascara after entering a competition and have used it sparingly and at special occasions ever since.

Clinique High Impact Mascara (this is a small sample size)

I really love the smooth application with the super long brush that High Impact provides. I have long and thick eyelashes so this just takes one swipe to coat them all perfectly. If I am going out at night I generally apply two coats a couple of minutes apart to really accentuate my eyes. The formula from this mascara is designed to dramatically thicken lashes.

The beautifully long brush from Cliniques High Impact Mascara

As opposed to the Covergirl Lash Blast, Cliniques High Impact does not flake and stays looking plump and smooth all day long.  It is easily removed with normal eye make up remover.

my eyes with one coat of High Impact.

High impact is available at Clinique counters as well as their online store where it is priced at $38.

As you can see from the photos of my eyes, you cant see a great deal of difference between the two brands. My eyelashes look naturally thick and long but are accentuated. I prefer to use blackest black mascara and both brands present good quality versions of this colour.

My verdict:

I love both Lash Blast and High Impact mascaras and would recommend both to everyone as great every day use natural mascaras.

I highly recommend “liking” both Clinique and Covergirl on Facebook to gain useful makeup application information and giveaways. 

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