Boots Laboratories Optiva Range – Review

Over the years I have heard a lot about the Boots skin care line and how effective it is for the price, but here in Australia we have been missing out…. until now!

Boots Laboratories have 160 years heritage of laboratory development in England. If you have ever been to the UK, you would have probably had a great time visiting Boots stores in person and picking up your beauty needs.

The Boots Laboratories Optiva range goes beyond hydration to help strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier. All Optiva products have been tested on the skin of 1500 women through 30 separate trials and are adapted to suit any skin type, even sensitive skin.

I was given the opportunity to trial the following three products:

Optiva boots skin care australia


Skin Balancing Cleanser 150ml $14

Such a gentle and effective lotion that you put on, gently tap your skin, and then wipe off with a tissue. You can see your make up and dirt from the day come off. Love it including the snap open lids too.

Radiance Refresh Tonic 150ml $14

After you wipe off the Optiva Skin Balancing Cleanser, it’s time to tone with some Radiance Refresh Tonic on a cotton pad. Just wipe over the face to see the final traces of make up erase and then your skin is ready to receive moisture. The tonic is refreshing and temporarily closes pores to make your skin look luminous. After toning you can apply either the Optiva Nourishing Night Cream or the Optiva Comforting Day cream.

Radiance Boosting Eye Balm 15ml $22

I’m starting to see little wrinkles around my eyes and I wish I started to use a good eye cream earlier. This little beauty is so easy to use and feels refreshing on my skin. It is delicate and uses Althea officinalis extract to make the skin look supple. It’s so lovely. I just apply a little to my finger tip and tap it on gently under my eyes and down the side of my cheek where my lines are appearing. Also on top of the eye and under the eyebrow.

Optiva boots skin care australia

I can really recommend these products for their high quality, effectiveness and price. Just as good, if not better than my beloved Clarins routine and much cheaper!

Optiva from Boots Laboratories which is now available in Amcal, Amcal Max and Guardian Pharmacies. Make sure you give it a try.

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Salon Melbourne 2014

If you’re in the beauty industry and own a salon of some kind, Salon Melbourne is the free industry event you need to attend. Everything is on show from non surgical liposuction machines, spray tan machines to nail polish and lip stick and on to waxing kits and skin care solutions. I visited last year and loved it and have to say this year was even better than the last!

I went down to the exhibition centre on the Sunday morning and saw some great presentations by industry leaders like the beautiful make up artist Rae Morris and hair extrodinare Lorna Evans. The team from Jarah’s Hair was there as well to display some of their creative styles and tips.

Rae showed us how to make small eyes bigger by drawing eye pencil where you wish the eye would sit. Don’t follow the outline of the eye because that is only enhancing what is already there, not adding to it.

salon melbourne rae morris presenting

Lorna Evans showed us how to create flowers in the hair. She explained how keeping inspired and excited by new ideas and concepts in hairdressing, no matter how outlandish, helps to keep clients and staff enthused with your creativity. Since, I’m not a hairdresser, I found it really interesting to see how different styles are created using lots and lots of hair padding and even giant knitting needles to get the right curl in the hair to pin. 

salon melbourne lorna evans

Jarahs Hair from South Australia showed us how to create a modern mullet and a beehive with stitching and lots of padding. I loved an undercut short punky hairstyle they created by basically perming the undercut to give it more body and structure. 

salon melbourne jarahs hair

Lime Crime was one of the stand out stands at Salon Melbourne this year and I couldn’t even get through the crowd to see what they were selling. I think their key selling proposition was their awesome bags that they sold their product in. How do you get customers to pay attention to you at an expo? Have a bag like this!!!! Seriously! There were everywhere and really attention grabbing.

salon melbourne lime crimeThere was so much on display for salon and beauty professionals. I think you would need a shopping trolley to stock up on the great deals on things like salon clothing, waxing kits, make up and the like. Hairdressers could even get their precious scissors sharpened!salon melbourne Orly was on hand to give their awesome gel fx manicures which I love. My only purchase from the whole event (because I have enormous self control) was Orly’s Sec-n-Dry top coat.

salon melbourne orly

Brands that were there included Gorgeous Cosmetics, Eye of Horus, Kryolan Australia, Inglot, OPI, Napoleon Perdis, Klara Cosmetics, Atelier Australia, Lash Republic, Dermatalogica, Redken, Eleven Australia, Crown Brushes and GlamPalm just to name a few. The line for AKR Beauty supplies was crazy long. I just love their stall though because there are sooooo many things to look at and buy such as professional hair dryers,  colour pots, clips and all the things you would need if you owned a salon. Get in early for that stand to beat the lines!

The trends this year seemed to be tanning products and lots of false lashes plus really crazy long nails and nail art. I even saw a machine for your salon where your clients could choose any nail art they wanted on the screen and it would print out, including taking your photo with an inbuilt camera and putting your face on your nails! Amazing!

Did you go along and buy a haul of goodies this year?

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Maybelline One by One Volum’ Express Mascara – Review

1 maybelline one by one volum express mascara

Priceline had their massive 40% off sale the other day and I needed some new mascara so off I went to see what bargains I could get and what new item I could try. I decided upon some Blackest Black, One by One Volume Express mascara from Maybelline just by looking at the look of the brush (I thought it looked reasonable and like it would deliver the goods.).

The brush is really bendy where it meets the applicator shaft which made me worry that I was going to get mascara all over my eyes, but I guess it’s just a little bit of suspension. Haven’t had an issue.

5 maybelline one by one volum express mascaraThe day after I bought it I put it on, thought it seemed like reasonable mascara (although I was running to work so didn’t pay a lot of attention) and went to work. Half way through the day I was in a meeting with about 13 other people. One of the managers sitting next to me, who is a real fashionista, turned to me and said “do you have eyelash extensions”. “No” I replied, “I just have really long eyelashes”. She agreed they looked really good. Only a minute later did I remember that I was wearing new mascara and maybe that is what made them stand out more than usual. So there you go. That is a big win!

I do have to admit to a few things:

1. I naturally have quite long lashes I suppose

2. I use an eyelash curler, just the Extra Lash Revlon, not anything too fancy. Just a couple of pumps on my lashes wakens them up and mascara sets the curl in.

3. Mascara makes a huge difference to my eyes

2 maybelline one by one volum express mascara

Here’s the before on the left and the after on the right. This includes me using the eye lash curler on the right.

And now for both eyes with the Maybelline One by One Mascara and an eye lash curler. Ta-da…..

3 maybelline one by one volum express mascara 4 maybelline one by one volum express mascaraAfter the compliment on my lashes, I guess this mascara deserves a pretty high rating! I like the simplicity of it and there is no tricks or extra steps needed to get well defined lashes. It really does what the name says and separate them one by one. It’s also quite reasonable to get off at the end of the day with some eye make up remover on a cotton pad.

You can purchase the Maybelline One by One mascara from Priceline and your local supermarket for about $21 unless you wait for a great sale like I did!

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Clinique Chubby Stick Intense – Heftiest Hibiscus 04 – Review

Being friends with a lot of beauty bloggers, there is one thing that I always hear about and seems to be in the handbags of each of them – The Clinique Chubby Stick.


It’s a lip balm but also a really intense lip colour. Clinique call it a “moisturizing lip colour balm”. It looks like a giant crayon but you can twist the bottom to bring more colour up as you use it, just like a conventional lipstick. The Chubby Stick Intense is infused with shea butter, jojoba seed oil and mango seed butter which help to soothe lips and reduce flaking and lip lines over time.

Clinique_chubby_sitck_intense_4_hefty_hibiscusI thought this colour of 04 Heftiest Hibiscus was a little bright for me, but it has really grown on me. Of course, if you read my blog, I really enjoy getting feedback from other people about what I’m wearing and I’m lucky enough to have lots of beautiful friends who will comment on nice things without being prompted. My Clinique Chubby Sticked lips have got lots of compliments and it really is a beautiful orange colour that goes with most things, particularly my OPI On Collins St nail polish.

I find the colour to be long lasting and vibrant so you really do need to use a mirror to put it on (I’m usually a bit lazy with lip balm on the go and just wack it on mindlessly when my lips call. That’s a no no with this little baby because the colour is so bright, you need to make sure you cover every corner). Clinique’s original chubby sticks had a softer, sheer pigment but this new ‘intense’ version is better for an all day, look-at-my-lips kind of look. Oh so Vibrant! I would really think of it as a moisturising lipstick, so smooth, comfortable and kissable!

What do you think beauty lovers?3 clinique intense chubby stick lips heftiest hibiscus review colour 4 clinique intense chubby stick lips heftiest hibiscus review colour

It is my new hand bag favourite item. You can purchase Clinique Chubby Stick Intense from Clinique counters and from their website.

clinique chubby stick intense in bag hibiscus

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OPI Grand Canyon Sunset – Nail Polish – Review

There are certain colours of nail polish that I gravitate to more than others.

I’m a big red, pink, orangey warm colours kind of girl. I guess growing up mum always told me that nail polish was supposed to make your nails look healthy and like there is blood pumping through you, similar to lipstick, so blues, browns and greens don’t really float my boat.

I saw this stunning nail polish on the shelf at a beauty expo a year ago and had to have it. OPI has a bazillion colours of polish so you can always find the exact shade you are looking for, but this one was like “hey, buy me! I’m a beautiful dusky dark pinky colour with a slight pearly sheen. You need me Belinda!” Sooooo I got it and I don’t regret it in the slightest! It’s stunning.opi grand canyon sunset nail polish review pink dusky 2 3

It is the perfect toe nail colour too. Looks great peeking out of peep toe shoes and if your buzzing to the shop in your Havianas.

I love the way that this colour paints on too. It’s smooth and easy to apply with just one coat.

4 5I went to the Grand Canyon in 2007 for spring break when I lived in America. It was so beautiful and even though the weather was pleasant, there were still little bits of snow on the trails. I wasn’t there at sunset, but OPI Grand Canyon Sunset reminds me of the colours of the rock in the canyon too. If you haven’t been. Go!

grand canyonYou can get OPI nail polish from Myer or David Jones and you can get compliments from your friends with OPI Grand Canyon Sunset on your nails.

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Gok for Target

I was lucky enough to be front row at the Target Chadstone Fashion Show featuring Gok Wan on the weekend.

Funnily enough we ran into Gok and his crew in the lift before hand which was slightly embarrassing especially when my Dad, who was down visiting me from Adelaide, recognised him and in his loud whisper said to me “that’s the guy from TV” to which I nodded hoping he wouldn’t embarrass me further. He then said “Oh, he is the fashion show you are going to see”…. yes Dad.

My housemate and I were very excited to see the show and be so close to the action.


It’s Gok!!!!


What I really liked about the show is the realistic models that Target used. They were all kinds of sizes and ages which made the fashion more easy to relate to.


I am a huge Target fashion fan! Why pay big bucks for something when you can get something that is great quality and doesn’t require mortgage.

How stunning is this outfit with the navy tote and crop trench coat.


I loved this model. She is what I called Hot Mum! Such a stunning looking older lady who rocked the double denim chambray. Go Target!


A flirty skirt looks good with tights or bare legs. Gok gave some useful tips to members of the crowd to.


Love the shirt under the knitted top look for winter. You can dress it up or down for the office and the pop of leopard print is perfect!


Gok did some fantastic make overs on 3 women. Sadly I didn’t get the best photos of them but they all looked amazing at the end of it. Everyone in the crowd gasped.





Wow! Love Gok and Love the new range of products at Target this coming season!

gok target australia

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Chi Chi Pink Brown Mosaic Blush – Review

How long does your blush last? I have been using Nars Orgasm blush for about 3 years now, it never ran out, but it started to smell stale and I thought it was safer to get rid of it and try something new but gave a similar colour. I picked up Chi Chi’s Mosaic Blush in the Pink Brown colour range. It comes in a really lovely compact. Silver with a “Choose Chi Chi” push button open and a large mirror. It’s a lot bigger than most blush’s on the market that’s for sure, but a little goes a long way. Plus it’s great value.chi chi blush mosaic pink browns review chi chi blush mosaic pink browns review chi chi blush mosaic pink browns review I have been using the blush every day for the past 3 weeks and it gives great coverage, colour and shine. You just need to touch the pallet with your blush brush and that is more than enough for a day in the office. Actually, the blush has quite a bit of shimmer so I feel that it is too much for the office to be honest. Maybe nobody else notices, I haven’t thought to ask. When I touch my cheek with my hand I can see lots of glitter. I’m a little worried i’m a bit of a glitter ball. It is perfect for a night out with and looks great in night time club photos to bring attention to your cheek bones. chi chi blush mosaic pink browns review How it looks inside (I swear it looks a bit pinker and a little more shimmery in real life than this photo shows). chi chi blush mosaic pink browns review Belinda Beauty chattetteAnd here it is outside in the shade of a sunny day. You can see the lovely pink colour it gives. chi chi blush mosaic pink browns reviewThis is how it looks in a club at 1am when your friend tells you to take a photo with their glasses. Check out that nice cheek pop through the lens! Chi Chi products can be found at Myer and this blush retails for $19.95.

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